Water Bodies


Water bodies play a central role as an element of the landscape. While research has so far concentrated purely on the ecological parameters of water bodies, the Institute for Landscape Management at Freiburg University also attempts to include the cultural and historical aspects. In this way, artificially-created water bodies and stretches of water that have been strongly altered by human activity can be examined from the perspective of their ecological value, as well as by their contribution to habitat quality.


Completed projects

  • Positive spredding effect to improve the water quality of freshwaters
  • Beaver recovery and adaptive management
  • Training course for water rangers
  • Value of water engineering interventionsin the past and in the present in well-chosen watercourses taking account to the EU Water Framework Directive implemented in 2004
  • Sustainable flood retention basins (SFRB) to control flooding and diffuse pollution
  • Meadow irrigation in the Freiburg valley
  • Water bodies in the Dreisam plain by the Kaiserstuhl – Project to combine cultural landscape, environmental education and gentle tourism
  • Assessment of river passage obstructions caused by flood detention basins
  • Flood tolerance of deciduous trees in two water retention basins in Freiburg
  • Interreg III Project FOWARA
  • Analysis of historical floods in the catchment of the river Neckar
  • Environmental education focusing on water - analysis and evaluation of educational methods applied in Germany
  • Cultural-historical impacts on the rivers and streams in the Münstertal valley
  • Study of the hydrological, ecological and silvicultural conditions that favour common alder (Alnus glutinosa L.) disease caused by Phytophthora fungus in impoundment areas
  • Inventory analysis of the quality of the Rench canal and its dependence on maintenance measures
  • Creation of a water body development concept for the Altbach in Freiburg
  • Developement concept for the revitalisation of Donau river near the city of Riedlingen (Baden-Württemberg)
  • Humans and water bodies
  • Croatian project: vegetation, use and water balance in meadows in middle Savatal
  • Landscape ecology investigation for the establishment of the Dietenbach water retention basins in Mooswald, Freiburg - level II.
  • Water body protection in Bad Säckingen - reintegration of trade waterways
  • Creation of a water body development concept for the Danube between Sigmaringen and Ehingen
  • Efficiency control on running water bodies after river restoration - the Glems river testing and development project
  • Accompanying landscape conservation plan for the Kißlegger Ach water body development plan
  • Securing evidence on moisture levels and feed quality of grasslands near Kißlegg in the Allgäu region
  • The typology of ditches in Baden-Württemberg






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